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Conductr 2.2 is no longer expected to work with Ableton Live 8. On both Mac OS X and Windows, Live 8 is no longer supported by Ableton, and Conductr will drop support for it.

While we no longer support Ableton Live 8, we want to provide some pointers for those who want to keep using old versions of Conductr with Live 8. We might offer limited help via support up to where we deem appropriate.


Mac OS X 10.6

Conductr Server, since 2.0, only works on Mac OS X 10.7 and higher. If you are still using Mac OS X 10.6 you can download the 2.0.2 version from:


The “Conductr” control surface is not shown on the MIDI Controller list

This usually means that the “Conductr” control scripts have failed to initialize due to missing python compatibility libraries.

Since Yosemite, Mac OS X no longer includes the Python 2.5 libraries that are needed for many control surfaces to work. Live 8 on Windows had several of these issues as well.

To fix the problem we’ve prepared a package with the missing components to be copied into the Live MIDI Remote Scripts folder for Conductr.

WARNING: Some versions of Live 8 (esp. 8.3) might crash on start if they don’t like this scripts.


For Mac OS X:

  • Download the file
  • Uncompress the file by double-clicking on it. Open the Live8AdditionalScripts folder.
  • Select all the files inside the folder.
  • Press ⌘ cmd-C to copy them (you can also open a second Finder window and drag and drop).
  • Go to your Live 8 app on Applications.
  • Right-click (or Ctrl-click) on the Live 8 icon and select “Show package contents…”
  • Inside there, navigate to Contents → App-Resources → MIDI Remote Scripts
  • Locate the “Conductr” folder and double click.
  • Paste the copied files (⌘cmd-V) inside the Conductr folder.
  • Restart Ableton Live

For Windows:

  • Download the file
  • Uncompress the file by double-clicking on it. Open the Live8AdditionalScripts folder.
  • Select ALL the files inside the folder.
  • Press Ctrl+C to copy them.
  • In the file explorer, go to the Ableton MIDI Remote Scripts folder in C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 8\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts
    • Note that some of this folders might be hidden.
    • Replace C: with your install drive if needed.
    • Beware: You might have demo or older versions of Live installed. Be sure to check your current Live working version.
  • Inside MIDI Remote Scripts you will find a “Conductr” folder (if you installed Conductr Server previously, of course). Open it.
  • Paste the copied files inside the Conductr folder.


Ableton Live crashes on start after doing it

Remove the Conductr folder. Bad luck. Upgrade to Live 9?


If it still does not show and you really won’t upgrade to Live 9

Open Ableton Live, select Help->Get Support.

This will open the help sidebar and generate a dump file (.alp). Click on the link, and the file will show on Finder/Explorer.

Open a support request and attach the file (if smaller than 1 MB, if bigger use Dropbox/WeTransfer and copy the link in the mail). Be sure to tell us your full versions of Live, Windows/Mac OS X.

We’ll try to answer every request, but we can’t give any guarantees.

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