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I can’t connect my iPad to my PC/Mac with a regular Wi-Fi network

If you are using a domestic Wi-Fi network, you will probably have to disconnect the preset firewall provided by most telecom companies.


I can’t connect my iPad to my PC/Mac with an AdHoc network

You will probably have to disconnect or reconfigure the system firewall on your PC/Mac.

  • For Mac OS X, go to System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Firewall.

  • For Windows go to the Control Panel → Windows Firewall and turn it off.

  • If you have installed a third party firewall (Little Snitch on Mac OS X, any antivirus on Windows) follow the software provider instructions.


When launching Conductr, different servers appear on the set up screen

Other computers can appear eventually if more users are connected to the same network and running the Conductr server. You should look for your machine’s name.


The Conductr server does not appear in the iPad’s Conductr server list.

  1. On PCs, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. If not, download it from

  2. Make sure that both PC/Mac and iPad are connected to the same wireless network.

    • If your PC/Mac is connected via cable, see the answer below (My PC/Mac is connected via cable…).

  3. Make sure the Conductr server is running

    • On PCs look for the Conductr logo on the system tray

    • On Macs look for the Logo on the top Bar

  4. If you have a Firewall/Antivirus enabled on the PC or Mac, make sure it’s not blockin g the connection. Try to disable it and check if this solves the problem.

    • For Windows, go to Start → Control Panel → Security Center/System security → Windows Firewall.

    • For Mac go to System Preferences → Security and privacy → Firewall.

    • For third-party antivirus apps, check your antivirus product manual.


My PC/Mac is connected via cable, and I can’t see it in the Conductr server list.

The Conductr server uses Bonjour to announce its presence to the iPad(s) in the same network. Some wireless routers don’t allow Bonjour broadcasts between the wired and wireless network. This also happens with networked printers and similar devices.

If you are technically savvy and feel comfortable changing your router settings, you might try contacting your router vendor and/or searching the forums for this kind of problem (It usually manifests with wireless Mac OS clients not seeing wired printers on the network).

Typical settings names include "Enable Multicast Streams", "Enable IGMP Snooping" or the like, but every router is different, so you’ll have to figure out how to modify it, or contact your router’s support line.


After creating an Ad-Hoc network for Conductr and connecting the iPad to it, I can’t see the server.

  1. We strongly recommend to exit Conductr first on the iPad prior to connecting the Ad-hoc network.

  2. If you just created the network it might take some time (even a minute or two) to refresh the Bonjour server list. You can tap the refresh button to force a server rescan.

  3. If not, shut down the Conductr Server on your Mac/PC and the Conductr App on the iPad (by double tapping the iPad home button and removing Conductr sliding your finger up in iOS7/8 or pressing the icon for some time in iOS6 and touching the minus sign).

  4. Reopen Conductr Server in your machine and Conductr App in your iPad.

Technical Note: On Mac OS X, it takes about 20 seconds for the Mac to get a new IP and refresh its information on Bonjour. Meanwhile, a void record is being broadcast. The iPad might have cached the previous IP or the void broadcast and be unable to connect. Try refreshing the server list and/or restarting Conductr.

iOS 8 has some issues concerning wireless connectivity. If you are using iOS 8 on your iPad and have connected to an AdHoc network, you'll have to wait until your iPad is assigned an IP number. To check that this IP number has been assigned, click on the Info icon ("i"). If this IP number doesn't appear after one minute, please restart your iPad.

Controls are laggy and/or have high latency

  • If both your PC/Mac and your iPad are connected using a router, the connection is almost guaranteed to have higher latency. Messages are sent to the router and then relayed to Live, and viceversa. Try to set up an Ad-hoc network between your PC/Mac and your iPad. This will create a direct wireless connection between them bypassing the router and give better performance.
  • Might sound silly, but watch out for "energy-saving" options in your Mac/PC. Check your energy settings to avoid your PC/Mac entering a low-consumption mode. This is guaranteed to slow down performance.
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